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Grants Overview

Each year, grant applications are submitted by teachers or administrators to the Foundation Board. The Board thoroughly reviews proposed grants and awards those deemed most compelling and beneficial to students’ growth and development. The Foundation works closely with the administration and Board of Education to insure that all proposals are consistent with the school district’s curricular needs and long-range plans, and that any grant’s ongoing maintenance costs can be absorbed into the school budget.

Thanks to the generosity of the Byram Hills community, the Byram Hills Education Foundation has awarded over 349 grants totaling over $4.4 million since its inception in 1994.


Consistent with its mission, grants have been awarded to each of the four schools and district-wide, enabling teachers and administrators to introduce creative programs and equipment beyond what is covered by the school district’s operating budget.

The Foundation’s consistent funding has encouraged teachers to ‘think outside the box’ in providing students with enriching, curriculum-based learning opportunities.

In 2017-18 the BHEF awarded one Signature Grant for a total of $170,886, including and six Insta-Grants outlined here.

Wellness Initiative* – District Wide, $201,077: This grant provides opportunities for all students to reach their highest potential as they grow academically, socially and emotionally in all four schools, including:

  • Coman Hill - an indoor Educational Playspace that can be used year-round to enhance skills such as collaboration, creativity and problem solving.
  • Wampus - an outdoor Obstacle Course will provide an innovative and fun way for students to boost their physical and mental health.
  • HCC and BHHS - the Challenge Success program by Stanford University will assess student needs then utilize this feedback to develop an action plan to support students' emotional and physical wellness, including a new Wellness Lounge at each school where students can decompress, reflect and re-center themselves.

*Generously co-funded by the Debra Leipman Yale Memorial Fund



Howling and Learning about Wolves, Wampus ($2,390): This grants supports the study of interdependence, a topic that is an integral part of the third grade and art curriculum, by funding a visit to the Wolf Conservation Center in Salem, NY where students observe and study wolves, their relationship with the environment and the human role in protecting their future.

Storyworks Reading, Wampus ($1,399 and $1,468): These two grants support second and third grade students in reaching a higher rate of literacy achievement and engagement using a variety of resources during Reading and Writing workshops.

Wellness Day Keynote Speaker, BHHS ($2,500): This grant funds the BHHS Wellness Day keynote speaker presentation by Shaun Derik inspires students to achieve their goals and to pursue their dreams by proactively working through obstacles and setbacks. This grant is generously supported by the Debra Leipman Yale Memorial Fund.

Solar Telescope, BHHS ($1,518): This grant funds a specialized astronomical telescope capable of direct solar observations with the astronomy, earth science and physics classes, as well as the astronomy club, giving students more hands on experience and opening up new and innovate ways of studying the sun. This grant is generously supported by the Debra Leipman Yale Memorial Fund and the BHHS Class of 1977.

Vex Robotics Competitions, BHHS ($2,497): This grant funds resources for the robotics science elective courses. This grant is generously supported by the Debra Leipman Yale Memorial Fund.