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Our Mission

To enhance the education of all students
in the Byram Hills School District
by funding grants that encourage
learning and personal development.

The Byram Hills Education Foundation was founded in 1994 as a community-supported not-for-profit corporation. The Foundation provides financial support to the Byram Hills School District to enable its teachers and administrators to introduce creative programs and equipment beyond what is covered by the school district’s annual operating budget. The Foundation’s consistent funding has encouraged teachers to “think outside the box” in providing students with enriching, curriculum-based learning opportunities. 

The Byram Hills Education Foundation is a volunteer organization that has three major functions: 

  1. to encourage greater involvement in and support for the schools by the community

  2. to facilitate the development of and support for enrichment and other beneficial programs

  3. to provide financial support for worthy projects and programs for the schools



The Foundation is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, which includes parents and community members, the Superintendent of Schools, two members of the Board of Education, one PTSA representative and a teacher representative from each of the four schools. 

Funds are raised through an “annual appeal” mailing each Fall and by a major benefit event in the Spring. Each year, grant applications are submitted by teachers or administrators to the Foundation Board. The Board thoroughly reviews proposed grants and awards those deemed most compelling and beneficial to students’ growth and development. The Foundation works closely with the administration and Board of Education to insure that all proposals are consistent with the school district’s curricular needs and long-range plans, and that any grant’s ongoing maintenance costs can be absorbed into the school budget. 

There are many ways to get involved in the Education Foundation. Whether you’re new to the Byram Hills district or you’ve been living here for years, we welcome your taking an active role to assist with event planning, marketing & visibility, or fundraising. Please email us at if you’d like to find out more about volunteer opportunities or becoming a Board member.


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