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A decade ago, the BHEF began funding extensive library renovations at Coman Hill, Wampus and HCC.  Those spaces continue to be the central heart of each building and have transformed learning for our students.  Now, the BHEF will aim to finish all libraries in the district by supporting the creation of a state of the art Learning Commons at the BHHS library.

Here are the current conditions of the library and lecture hall at BHHS today in 2023:

Gone are the days of shushing in the library! Byram Hills is bringing all its school libraries into the 21st century by building collaborative and adaptable workspaces and creating community hubs within each building. 


The future of the BHHS Learning Commons, if approved, has an estimated completion date of March 2025.

The BHEF is proud to support our students’ learning and creativity via Libraries 2.0 and looks forward to rounding out completion in all schools.

  • Coman Hill, completed 2018-19

  • Wampus, completed 2017-18

  • HCC, completed 2019-20

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