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Executive Committee
Consists of Board's Chairman, President, Treasurer, Secretary as well as three appointed parent Directors. Membership on this committee is based upon seniority and overall participation in the work of the Foundation.

The Fundraising Committee develops the fundraising goals and strategy for the year. This committee develops, plans and leads execution of all fundraising efforts with coordinated support from Marketing & Visibility to ensure a consistent message, as well as People to recruit and assign volunteers as needed.


The major fundraising activities include:

  • Annual Appeal

  • Spring Event

  • Harlem Wizards


Additional fundraising/outreach events or receptions may be planned based on available resources and volunteers.

Marketing & Visibility
Serves as the “face” of the Foundation. Develops, plans and leads execution of all marketing efforts to increase awareness of the Foundation and its mission.

Activities include:

  • Produce and distribute offline and online communications including: foundation newsletters, Annual Report, event fliers, posters, emails, school bulletin “blurbs”

  • Maintain school bulletin boards and/or locked cases

  • Lead online efforts including website development, social networking, and email marketing

  • Functions as the liaison to the schools and to other community organizations



Serves as “personnel department” for the Foundation. Creates a pipeline of talent for next year's BHEF Board including Directors and volunteers. Responsibilities include: Mentoring new Directors, evaluating current and future talent needs and skill sets of the Foundation board, identifying candidates, and making recommendations to the board on which candidates are best suited for the Foundation's needs.

Grant Review Committee
Comprised of 12 appointed members (4 teacher Directors, superintendent, 1 Board of Education Representative, 6 parent Directors.) Members of this committee are predominantly teachers and administrators who work in the schools, and have knowledge about whether potential grants can meet the Foundation's criteria and make a significant impact within the school.


Purposes are:

  • Assist and encourage teachers through the grant application process. Help to relieve any burden on teachers and provide help as needed in facilitating the application from conception to implementation.

  • Review grant applications submitted and make recommendations to BHEF Board on which of the grants should be funded this year by the Foundation.

Spring Event Committee

Plan and execute an annual benefit Spring fundraising Event. This committee is made up of board members and community members who volunteer their time specifically to this event. This year's spring event will be held on Friday, May 3, 2019. Click here for more information.

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